Africans in USA welcome New Year (2014) at, churches, parades, and entertainment spots

Members of the African community in Boston cheer as the clock strikes 12.00 am Tueday night at the Chirst is The Answer church (CITAC) in North Chelmsford, MA to mark the debut of the New Year, 2014. PHOTO-H.MANA/AJABU MEDIA

By Harrison Maina,, Posted Jan 2, 2013

Boston_ Thousands of Africans in USA welcomed the New Year with visits to church services, entertainment spots and New Year parades especially at Copley square in Boston and Times Square in New York.


 In Boston, close to 200 Kenyans and Ugandans attended a New Year service at the Christ is the Answer church in North Chelmsford.

In Chelsea, dozens of Tanzanians, Kenyans Rwandese and Congolese attended New Year’s service at the International Gospel Church.

Less than two miles away in the neighboring city of Revere, over 100 Africans who usually attend the Multi-Cultural Eagle Heights church joined other nationals from USA, Haiti, Puerto Rico and many other countries to usher in the New Year.

 The Eagle Heights service led by Rev. Dr. James E. Collins was packed with over 1,000 attending, forcing church officials to scramble for extra seats for worshippers already overflowing in the overflow room.

The church has a significant number of Kenyans, Ugandans and Nigerians as members.

Many other Africans attended New Year parades in Boston and New York, while many more took to the social media to post their New Year celebration selfies, messages to keep friends updated on current status.

“Stay in the presence of the Lord in this new year of 2014.That is the only way you will be able to succeeded and get blessings from above,” said Rev. Dr. Colllins of the Eagle Heights church as he wished worshippers a happy new year.

 While leading overnight prayers to welcome the New Year Pastor John Wachira of the Christ is The Answer urged worshippers to shake off the negative things of 2013 and be ready to get better things in 2014.

“Shake off the things of 2013.Shake 2013 off. Shake it off,” he urged as worshippers jumped around and shook themselves to figuratively disengage with the things of 2013 to make space for better things in 2014.

Lord cheers erupted when a digital countdown clock set on a wide screen TV hit 0 at midnight, instantly shutting of 2013 and ushering a brand new 2014.

Pastor Godfrey Awori, a Waltham, MA based Ugandan pastor who was the guest speaker at the CITAC celebration urged worshippers to always trust in God even when friends and relatives  fail them in the things of life.

At the same time, Pastor Frank Mwebesa, also from the Ugandan community in Waltham predicted massive blessings in 2014 for all worshippers who trust in God and keep doing everything they can to serve Him.

In Malden, the rapidly growing Malden fellowship that holds weekly fellowship meetings on Monday nights held a 2013 year end and 2014 New Year service attended by more than 50 worshippers.

The service, usually held at an apartment in Malden every Monday at 7pm-8pm( 1046 main St, Apt 1), was moved to the Pentecostal Evangelistic Fellowship in America  church near  the Oak Groove  train station due to a larger than usual number of expected worshippers.

Youth dance during a New Year's celebration party at the east African community International Gospel church in Chelsea, MA. PHOTO-H.MANA/AJABU MEDIA

During the service, Rev. Josek Mwangi a Kenyan clergyman who recently relocated to Boston from North Carolina hit on the same message of sticking in the presence or the Lord, a theme that seemed to recur as the New Year message in many totally unrelated churches with no connections with each other.

As the New Year day hit, many Africans spent time at parties with friends, with the IGC church in Chelsea still holding a New Year’s Day celebration party where dozens of youthful Africans and members of the church’s Yuwaja Band entertained invited guests.

Guests were also treated to an authentic east African cuisine of fried fish, rice, Ugali, Chapati together with fruit salad.
Guests capped the night with a toast to welcome the New Year led by Rev. Jared Mlongecha followed by free style dancing to African gospel rhythms.

“I am looking forward to a great new Year. This year will have a lot of good things and I trust the Lord to make every dream come true,” said Kadima, leader of the rumba Africa band who performed at the IGC church event.

Elsewhere, many Africans visited their favorite entertainment spots with several hundred reported to have attended a New Year’s party at the Ugandan owned Rendezvous club in Waltham while another big party was held at the Black Koi entertainent join in Lowell by Kenyans.

A Kenyan couple celebrate at the Times Square in NY. PHOTO BY COURTESY.FACEBOOK

Pastor Godfrey Awoli leads a CITAC church choir on the New Year's eve in North Chemsford, MA.PHOTO-H.MANA/AJABU MEDIA

Apostle Frank Mwebesa leads in prayers at the CITAC church in North Chelmsford, MA.PHOTO-H.MANA/AJABU MEDIA

Rev. Josek Mwangi delivers a New Year Message at the Malden Fellowship during a year end service held at the PEFA Church.

Members of the Malden Fellowship listen to the chairman's report during a year end service at the PEFA church in Malden. PHOTO-H.MANA/AJABU MEDIA

Youth dance during a New Year's celebration party at the east African community International Gospel church in Chelsea, MA. PHOTO-H.MANA/AJABU MEDIA

Kids enjoy a meal at the IGC church New Year celebration

Rev. Jared Mlongecha, right, together with church elders enjoy a meal at the IGC church New Year celebration

Young men perform in the band at the IGC church New Year celebration

Young girls enjoy proceedings at the IGC church New Year celebration

Tanzanian Gospel musician, Sammy Nkayamba bursts a move at the IGC church New Year celebration

A young girl bursts a move at the IGC church New Year celebration

Young men enjoy proceedings at the IGC church New Year celebration

A young man blows a Shofar into a mic for all to hear at the CITAC church New Year service.

Pastor John Wachira and the CITAC church choir leads the worshipers in prayer as the New Year kicked in.

A young man deep in prayer as he thanks God for making it through to 2014 at the CITAC church New Year Service

More New Year's coverage photos coming soon!.

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