From  Poverty  to Superstar – Jane Muthoni’s testimony Inspires many

Music lovers in a formation during the performance of one of the hillarious singles by a visiting Kenyan gospel artist, Jane Muthoni. Another musician from Atlanta, Naomi Karanja, also performed. pic by H.Maina/Ajabu
By Our writer

LOWELL, Mass. , FEBRUARY 3_ “We were so poor that I used to sweep the floor of a flour mill for siftings to bring home and make our one meal a day dinner. People kept asking me whether we reared chicken at home because I came for the siftings everyday”, said Jane Muthoni to several hundred Kenyans congregated at the CCF church in Lowell for an evening of Gospel music entertainment.

Now a stunning, beautiful, and highly successful gospel artist, Muthoni sharply contrasts with her previous life of poverty that saw her and her mother disowned by their family for presumably being an embarrassment.

She told several hundred Kenyans   in a Gospel music event in  Lowell last week that there are no conceivable problems that can not be overcome on condition that one practices true faith according to the word of God.

Fans were so fired up by the performance and powerful testimony that by the time the show was about to end, many demanded the artist to return on the stage for more.

The event, organized by Rev. Joseph Waiyaki of CCF Church and facilitated by Faith Services Ministries, took place on Sunday at the CCF church and featured an upcoming gospel artist from Atlanta Georgia, Naomi Karanja and a local artist, Florence Kimotho.

 It was also attended by several Kenyan pastors including Bishop David Karaya of CCF church, Rev. John Wachira of Christ is the Answer church and Dr. Rev. Mumbui Karimi of Ushindi church and Rev. Carl Philip Kihato of ANTOR church from Abington.

Jane Muthoni -Nairobi

Naomi Karanja- Atlanta

Florence Kimotho- Boston

During her performance, Muthoni said that after her struggle with debilitating poverty in her rural home in central Kenya, she started signing for God and somehow managed to produce a gospel CD.

 However, sales of the Cd were so negligible that she wondered what she was doing wrong in her life.

  But, while attending a lunch time sermon in downtown Nairobi, Kenya, Muthoni answered a call by the preacher for any real believer to come forward and give a generous offering to the ministry of the preacher sot he work of God can continue. 
 “I was desperately waiting for a miracle in my life since noting was going right, Said Muthoni.

“I remember I stepped forward and   gave all the Ksh 200 (about $3, a tidy sum for a regular Kenyan in the streets of Nairobi) that had in my pocket, leaving me with nothing in my pockets. I  gave all and had no more money for buying fries or for my fare home or even to buy anything  for dinner at my home”, added  the now  popular artist who had produced several top selling CD’s and DVDs.

 The artist said that she ended up borrowing money from workmates to get her fare home, but she had a deep belief that God will bless her somehow.

Rev. Joseph Waiyaki interviews Jane Muthoni during the gospel event in Lowell, Ma

But barely several months after she planted all she had as a seed to enable the continuation the work of God, Muthoni received a phone call from a stranger who told her that he felt God inspired him to give shs 100,000 to her ministry.

 I went to meet him in Nairobi, and when he surely gave me the promised shs 100,000.  He also asked me to bring him 1,000 copies of my Gospel Cd so that he could buy as gifts for his friends.

 Muthoni said she was totally shocked by the development, but she knew it was as a result of her previous giving of all she had to a preacher in the streets.

  “That day, I brought home over shs 129,000 ($1,750) and my family could not believe it".

 Since that incident, Muthoni has seen success after success come to her mysteriously, crediting it to her giving attitude.

  “I now own my own big home in Nairobi, drive several nice cars and my business is doing great. All my family and extended family now want to be identified with my name”, she said to the shocked Kenyans.

 Muthoni therefore asked Kenyans to give generously to facilitate the spreading of the word of God.

   “It takes a lot of money to organize and publicize this kind of an event”. Please support your pastors by giving generously and God will in turn pour his blessing on you according to your desires”, she assured.

The maestro singer’s voice broke as she relived her past days of misery and consequent victory, shedding tears as Kenyans answered her plea and stepped forward to give in faith.
During the well attended event, Rev. Joseph Waiyaki told worshippers that worshipping God with music was an important part of a Christian’s life. He encouraged worshippers to never quit praising God even when things look tough.

Jane Muthoni gets emotional after delivering a testimony of her tough journey to success

While entertaining Kenyans with a unique style of Gospel music done in her native Kikuyu language, Naomi Karanja from Atlanta thanked Kenyans in Boston for the warm reception they had extended to her.

Muthoni and Karanja’s music occasionally brought worshippers to their feet as they took turns on the stage to entertain fans.
 As the event came to and end, excited Kenyans demanded for more from Muthoni, who had already stepped out to man her overcrowded CD selling table.

  The artist had to come back again on the stage to satisfy her fans before returning to help her assistants sell the CDs, and pose for pictures with fans.


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