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Popular Gospel Artist Entertains Fans in Lowell      

kenyans dance to Gospel music
Ecstastic Kenyans go chini Kwa chini (low for low) as they dance to the rythmic Gospel tunes by Ruth Wamuyu, who is visiting the US
Ruth wamuyu l;eads in gospel dance
Ruth Wamuyu, a popular Kenyan Gospel Musician who is cureently on a US tour, entertains Christians during a Live Praise event held at the CCF Church in Lowell , MA
Story and pics By Harrison Maina
Lowell, MA                                                                                        Photo Gallery- More coming soon
                                                                                                           ruth wamuyu photo gallery

A passionately popular Gospel artist, Evangelist Ruth Wamuyu, of the Mambo Sawa Sawa ( Kiswahili for ‘Things are already  better’) hit song,  attracted hundreds of fans to a fun-cum-spirit filled Sunday event at the CCF Church in Lowell, Massachusetts, USA.

The live praise event was jam-packed with men, women and children of all stripes and ages rocking and gyrating to the booming beats and rhythmic tunes.

 Above, watch Mambo Sawa Sawa video

Evangelist Wamuyu was on a tour of the US which concluded with the July 6th event in Lowell. She left for Kansas yesterday for her last stop before returning to Kenya.

 Her tour stint took her to several US cities including Boston, Dallas and Washington DC, Atlanta . According to reliable sources, Ruth is planning make another round of US tour next February.

Beaming with evident joy and self confidence, Ruth Wamuyu smoothly switched from songs done in her native Kikuyu language to Swahili and English. This prompted wild cheers from the crowd as they happily sang along. Most of the fans were familiar with the songs because they had watched Wamuyu’s DVDs in their homes and listened to her CDs in their cars.

“This is really awesome,” said Mr. John Nyoro, who had driven 30 miles from Lynn just to get a glimpse of Wamuyu. “I need to take a picture with her,” said another fan, Alex Kinyanjui. “I am delighted to see my favorite Gospel artist right here in Lowell,” added Alex, as he edged his way through the crowd so that he could take a close-up picture of Ruth Wamuyu with his digital camera.
”I am surprised at how much fun Kenyans are having here,” said Mary Wambui , an athlete who arrived recently in the US for a string of races in Massachusetts. She was thankful to the friends who brought her to the event.

Other well-liked US-based Gospel artists performed popular curtain raiser songs. They included Sarah Mbogo, Lucy Muthumbi and Jemimah Njuki. Monica Kimemia of Grace International Church in Chelmsford led in praise and worship.

The Event’s MC, Pastor Waiyaki of CCF Lowell, who also hosted the musician, thanked Kenyans for coming out in big numbers to worship and enjoy the music. Rev. Bishop Karaya, also of CCF Church, asked the worshippers to support Ruth Wamuyu by buying her CDs and DVDs. Making 

kenyans form a human train in Gospel dance
Joyce Gathoni of Lowell acts as the popular human 'Train' mugithi driver as other Kenyans follow suit during the Ruth Wamuyu Live Praise event at the CCF Church in Lowell, MA on Sunday
The train rolls on
The 'Train' Mugithi rolls on during the Live praise Gospel event by a a visiting Kenyan Gospel artiste, Ruth Wamuyu in Lowell, MA

On her part, Evangelist Wamuyu told the fans that she was extremely honored to sing in front of such a large crowd of Kenyans in the USA. “In fact, this is where I have performed songs from my new CD, not even in Kenya,” said Wamuyu. “I will launch the new CD when I arrive in Kenya,” she added. She thanked all those who made tireless efforts to coordinate the live praise event in Lowell, including Mrs Catherine Kariuki and her husband, Mr. Samuel Ngugi, who was also the event’s videographer.

As the fever pitched free admission event came to a close a few minutes past 9 p.m., the ecstatic crowd formed the popular Mugithi (human train) dance and snaked all round the sanctuary as Ruth Wamuyu belted out the last song of the night. Finally the fans circled around the popular artist as Mrs. Elizabeth Mungai of Nashua New Hampshire, prayed for her safe journey back to Kenya.

Story by Harrison Maina
Edited by George Chege

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